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Drabble: Wildlife. All audiences.

ximeria came over, and we had fun doing little writing exercises. Here is a drabble I wrote about Diefenbaker, I figured it fit this community ^_^
Hope you like it.

Diefenbaker willingly let go of the duckling when Fraser asked him to. The little duck wobbled a bit, but shook itself and ran right back to Dief, snuggling into his furry side.

Fraser shut his mouth with a clack in the middle of his lecture on hunting restrictions, but Dief didn't make a sarcastic rejoinder as was his wont, merely grinned and wagged his tail, nosing his duck gently.

"You'll have to take it back to the park, Dief. It's not right to keep wild animals in captivity."

Dief widened his eyes persuasively: "But he rescued me from drowning!"
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